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Portrait of Miyaco Yamaguchi Ms.Miyaco Yamaguchi
Born in Tokyo, Japan
Studied under Mentor Taro Ogi after graduating from Japan Women's University.
Has been drawing imaginary Italian medieval towns as her main theme.
Currently a lecturer at Japan Women's University.
Member of Shinseisaku
Member of Shuyou-kai

Mail Adress:miyaco1@chime.ocn.ne.jp

Miyaco Yamaguchi HISTORY
1971 August: First trip to Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany etc.)
Attended a lecture of European Art History under Prof. of Bern Univ.in St. Moritz, Switzerland Deeply impressed with Italian traditional cities (ex. Rome, Florence,Venice) and architectures
1972- Exhibited for the first time on Shuyou-kai where participating every year thereafter at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
1973 Graduated from Architecture Japan Women's University and Obtained BA in Architecture.
1977 March to July Traveled Europe Visited Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and Crete with special interest Impressed with Italian Renaissance Art
1980 Awarded Kawabata Prize on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
1980- Exhibited on Shinseisaku (one of the most important art association in Japan)where participating in almost every year thereafter at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kyoto Municipal Museum.
Aichi Prefectural Museum, Hiroshima Prefectural Museum Selected for the International Exhibition of the 1300th Anniversary of the foundation of The Bulgarian Stateモ(Sofia National Gallery) September : Visited Sofia(Bulgaria) to attend a symposium on modern art organized by Bulgarian Art Union
1980-1981 February: Traveled around Italy( including Sicily, Sardinia) and Spain, Portugal, France(including Corsica) and Turkey(Khios) inspired by Italian medieval cities like Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Cremona etc. and also Pre Italian Renaissance (ex. Giotto,Piero della Francesuca etc.)
1987 Awarded Japan Air Lines Prize on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
1988 Exhibited on One Artist Exhibition at Gallery Okabe Ginza/Tokyo
1989 Selected on Yasui Prize Exhibition at Seibu Museum Tokyo Selectted on One Artist Exhibition at Seibu Gallery (Seibu Department Store,Tokyo)
February: Trip to Europe(almost every year thereafter)
1993 Awarded Prize of the Governor of Tokyo on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
Awarded New Artist Prize on Shinseisaku Exhibition
October: Stay at Florence(Italy) Designed a tapestry for Hotel Arimax (Shibuya/Tokyo)
Awarded Excellent Prize on Human and Nature Exhibition, organaized by Kuraya Corporation
1994 March to April: Trip to Rome(Italy)
Awarded New Artist Prize on Shinseisaku Exhibition
Selected on the Exhibition of the Contemporary Art ,organized by The Agency for Cultural Affairs
1995 Selected on Taro Ogi and Nobuko Kamemoto and Miyako Yamaguchi-Exhibition organized by Naruse Memorial Museum/Japan Women's University,Tokyo
Awarded New Artist Prize on Shinseisaku Exhibition
November: Trip to Milan(Italy)
1996 Awarded Prize of the Minister of education on Shuyou-kai
1997 Exhibited on Yasui Prize Exhibition at Sezon Museum,Tokyo
1997 September to 1998 September: Studied in Florence(Italy) on a scholarship of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan
Deeply inspired by Tuscan cities and architectures
2001 Selected on One Artist Exhibition at Hikari Gallery Ginza ,Tokyo
Awarded Fujio Yosida Prize on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
2003 March to April: Stayed in Florence(Italy)
2004 Awarded the Prize of members on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
2005 Awarded Sonpo Japan Prize on Shuyou-kai Exhibition
Selected on One Artist Exhibition at Hikari Gallery Ginza,Tokyo
2006 Exhibited on Sonpo Japan Prize Exhibition at Sonpo Japan Museum, Shinjuku, Tokyo
2007 Exhibited on One Artist at Naruse Museum, Japan Women's University, Tokyo
2010 Selected on One Artist Exhibition at Hikari Gallery Ginza,Tokyo

Naruse Memorial Museum / Japan Women's University
Bunkyo Ward
Sofia National Gallery /Bulgaria
Mitsubishi Corporation
Meiji Dairies Corporation
Kuraya Sanseido
Hotel the Ellcy
Sugamo Trust Bank

At present:
Member of Shinseisaku Kyokai
Member of Shuyou-kai
Member of Japan Artists Association
Lecturer of Japan Women's Univercity